Man Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death Over Extra-Marital Affair, Commits Suicide

A Zimbabwean wheelbarrow operator, Nkululeko Mlotshwa, who caught his pregnant wife having sex with her ex-husband, has stabbed her to death, using an axe before committing suicide

Kuzeyanyaya reports that Mlotshwa had long suspected his wife, Stabile Dube of cheating on him with her former husband, a money changer.

He was said to have interrogated her on several occasions but she always denied having anything to do with the man until he caught them in the act.

The tragedy occurred Monday but was only discovered by neighbours on Tuesday at the family’s house in Mapfungautsi, a town in Gokwe area of the country after seeing a blood stained axe in front of the couple’s house.

Dube, who had two children with her ex-husband, was also suspected to be carrying the man’s pregnancy even when living with another man. After divorcing her first husband, Dube married Mlotshwa in 2011 and the couple were yet to have a child of their own for some years until Dube became pregnant recently.

Reacting to the incident, a neighbour noted that he was aware of the misunderstanding between the couple because Mlotshwa had confided in him that his wife had continued to secretly see her ex-husband.

The report further stated that a family source said, “Dube was heavily pregnant at the time of her death and it’s believed that the ex-husband was responsible. Mlotshwa was also known as Malume in Mapfungautsi. Malume was popular since he used to carry people’s stuff using his pushcart.
“On Monday afternoon, Mlotshwa received a tip-off that Dube and her ex-husband were camped at his house. Mlotshwa was at the town centre touting for clients when he got the message. He wasted no time and rushed home where he forcibly opened the bedroom door. Dube’s ex-husband immediately escaped.”

“We don’t know what happened to the duo but on the next morning, we were called to the house when some people said they hadn’t seen the couple the whole day. They said there was a blood-stained axe outside the house.

“We were shocked to see the horrible sight of the severed head of Dube and the body of Mlotshwa hanging from the roof.

“The room looked like a slaughter house with blood and small pieces of human flesh all over the place.”

Commenting on the tragedy, the police, in a statement, said they suspected Mlotshwa axed his wife to death before committing suicide.

Source: Dailypost


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