Marriage Is Not For Everyone – Ifeoma Jones

Nigerian-American based model, (by the way she lived all her life in Nigeria, till she left just 9 years ago), Ifeoma Jones has said she believes marriage is not for everybody. Ifeoma a UNILAG graduate says her marriage must not be sad or depressing which she can cope with, but when that comes in, the person in question needs to take a walk, find healing and continue living. She also says she believes there are people out there who are certain marriage isn’t for them, and encouraged them to carry on with their thoughts and live by it.  Hear her;

If marriage doesn’t bring you sadness and depression, it is perfect. If along the line it doesn’t work, leave, seek healing, get over it and don’t let it leave you depressed. There will always be someone else and in life, I believe not everyone is supposed to be in a marriage. If you think you don’t ever want to get married, then don’t! Never let society force you into anything.

Do you agree with her?




Source: Ladun Liadi