Nigerians Not Happy Buhari Received Chieftaincy Title In Benin Amid Boko Haram Troubles

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President Muhammadu Buhari was on Saturday honoured with a chieftaincy title in Benin Republic during his one day visit to the neighbouring country. Nigerians do not seem happy with this as can be seen in the reactions gathered by INFORMATION NIGERIA. Here are the reactions:

Reacting to this turn of event, Isaac U. Okus went sarcastic saying ‘Na so, what else again? Your people are being killed in large numbers by BH, you prefer to be celebrating with traditional titles. Correct presido. Sai Buhari!!! Emeka Nwachukwu was more direct in his reaction as he said ‘His kinsmen are dying, he has time to be celebrating title in Benin’.

Stella Onyi reacted saying, ‘did Nigerians vote PMB to change Nigeria or to be receiving traditional titles. Let him come so I can also give him another missing title – BABA GO-SLOW OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE’. Still in criticism of this chieftaincy title, Emmanuel Anwana opined that ‘Boko haram is killing people in Nigeria you are busy touring about and enjoying yourself. Change indeed!!!’ In the same vein, Richard Nkoro said ‘This is trash….we voted you to transform Nigeria not to be receiving titles and travelling around the world…’


A participant in the discussion, Stella Onyi dropped a second comment where she raised some salient questions; ‘does he even deserve any title? If yes, why haven’t Benin Rep given it to him all this while before he became the President? Why wait until he became the President?’ Wendy Judith joined in the criticism as she noted that ‘Since assuming office, he has only done well in travelling… Don’t forget your country is junior sister to Somalia… enough of the cruising’.

Aside the negative comments, there was one person who saw some positives in the chieftaincy title. Ali Ibrahim supported the  award of chieftaincy title by saying the title shows that Buhari is ‘the most respected president in the whole of Africa’ and that this can only translate to the fact that ‘Nigerian has come of age’.


  1. Ever since before Buhari come to the position;Boko Haram are killing us so what are we not saying?Neither is Buhari the first to come into such position receiving the chief-tency title or not. Even the same Goodluck Jonathan have been receiving award when on seat. Is high time we open up and shine our eyes.

  2. Very very unfortunate to notice that the bulk of people making negative comments here are from the same section of the country. This has been observed even before the presidential election. Haters will always remain haters no matter what the president does. He’s the Nigerian president not a sectional president. The haters will have to live with this fact.


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