[OPINION] Freshers, Be Aware Of Trap On Campus By Ilyas A. Adegoke

One would begin to wander what the cultists have turned the universities to nowadays as opposed to its being a microcosm of a utopian society.

It is very pathetic that the universities and some other citadel of learning have twisted into a breeding place for carrying out devious act by a dreaded sect called cultist. Infact, the menace, the aggressiveness of cult members and cult related violent clashes on campuses have caused the sudden death of so many lecturers and students.

These unwanted elements in our tertiary institutions are too rugged, greedy, and desperate as to champion their creed, belief system and mental impression to the point of laying down their soul.

The targets of most cult activities are often persons in rival cult groups as they are mostly found vying for supremacy on the campus, the disruption of university examinations or the desire to secure the love and affection of one of the opposite sex.

Sometimes, cultist attacks those they perceive as being on their way and who may prevent them from having a free reign on campus, such as paramilitary organisation and other law enforcement agents.

It should be noted that, recruitment of would be cultists is often carried out at orientation time for fresh students as cult groups shop around, lure ignorant and unsuspecting new students with invitations to spurious parties, unsolicited friendships, Trojan gifts and occasionally outright intimidation.

Once captured, the would be cultists are initiated in a most grotesque and revolting  ceremony involving flogging, cutting up of body parts, eating of fire and the consumption of human blood which are mostly carried out in the darkest hour of the night with an incredible element of surprise.

Cult activities in universities affect the staff, the students and the learning environment provided by the institution in many adverse ways. The repeated violence associated with malady leaves many persons maimed, wounded or killed. In instances, where rape, arson, burglary and stealing occur, people suffer losses and experience tremendous psychological trauma.

In recent time, a clash between rival cult group was reported to have left many students dead in Kwara Polytechnic, Ilorin. Some cult clashes are so catastrophic that loss of infrastructure and other resources will be colossal and eventually, the funds that would have been expended on the provision of other facilities on the campuses will now be used in replacing the damaged ones.

It is our candid submission that, cultism can only be unattractive and an unnecessary option, when there are improved facilities and living conditions on campuses. Likewise, all hands must be on deck to forestall the continue wrecking of havoc on both members and non members of the academic community.

It is therefore imperative on the part of the society and the university communities alike to de-emphasize thuggery, brigandage, celebration of violence and shift attention to positive societal values which will enhance positive growth.