Photos: Another Tomboy Lesbi@n Turns Straight

The world is not coming to an end afterall.:-). Her name is Frances Payton and below is her testimony

By seeing other share their story I finally got the courage… I’m not ashamed of my past. My mom always told me it would be apart of my testimony , all for gods glory. Everyone has their struggles . Everyone deals with something in their life. At a point of my life, I let a lot of hurt control me. I didn’t know how to love myself.

I quickly turned to different things for that love and affection. I let the thought of my mother being r@ped hinder me from loving a man. Depressing had a hold of me but my mother taught me to pray and I did. As I began to pray God started to mend my heart .

When she was a lesbi@n – with her girlfriend

My convictions caught up to me and I ask God to change my heart , change the way I think and renew my mind. I knew I could become new in him.. I’m far from perfect and I fall short daily but as long as God walks with me I won’t be afraid. The joy that I once lost, I had found again. So here I am starting this journey and becoming the women God wants me to be… #ChangeWomen #MakeMeOverAgain.

But I prayed to God. I prayed to God for healing . I was lost…

Source: Linda Ikeji Blog