Pro-Biafra IPOB Members Shot In Onitsha And Over 30 Injured

” The Nigeria Navy attached to the Onitsha head bridge base today shot dead 3 IPOB Pro Biafra Members and severely injured over 30 others. Over 200 members of the group were unarmed and on a sensitization mission when the unprovoked assault began. “.

The incident happened at Onitsha head bridge this evening when the members of the group on a peaceful procession in the commercial Onitsha city ran into the Navy Military check point. The police and Naval soldiers opened sporadic gun fire on them injuring as many as 30 and 3 died instantly. See photos below..



Source: Nairaland


    • You are absolutely dumb to say that. Where in the world is freedom fighting or peaceful rally a crime? Get your info well before making nasty comments.

    • Mike or what did even call ur name it seems ur mother got u from a mad man on the street or should i say she give birth to u tru her mouth, u are the most stupid creature i have ever seen on earth .

  1. I am pledging with igbo leaders to call their sons to order na small thing de become big woh.with boko haram experience I don’t expect any group of Nigerians to try and attract problem in their place.pls a word is enough for a wise.

  2. Did i hear you said unarmed and unprovoked?yet they where shot,hatred to IGBOS can never stop.In SPAIN there are people agitating the same,NIGERIA national team had even played a match with them.Who shot at them?

  3. In a democratic society, people are entitled to peaceful demonstrations. Demonstrations are evidence of a healthy democratic society. Shooting those demonstrators is not helping matters in Nigeria. Pro-Biafra members are gaining support and sympathy for their course for these killing.

  4. They are boko haram in disguys. if not what could be their reason for shooting defenceless people of Biafrans. killing and detaining the innocent children of Biafrans, cannot stop Biafra rather giving us more courage to posses our father land. Long live the Republic Of Biafra

  5. you people should live Mike alone because is Fulani man that gave birth to him…. just bearing igbo name but all I know is that come rain come sun shine biafra must come .

  6. i do not knw why some people found it difficult to understand a common thing. if you belong to an organisation, meeting, group or association & later wish to withdraw/terminate your membership b,cos you cannot continue with them again. please don’t you have the right to do so. this question is to nigerians and beyond please let biafra be for Christ sake.


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