See How A Male Teacher Punished 2 Female Students: Right Or Wrong? [Photo]



Aside the fact that corporal punishments have been banned, there should be limits to what female students are made to undergo in the name of correction. This man seems like a pervert anyway.


  1. this is unprofessional. am not sure if the man is a trained teacher. he need to be discouraged . stop it or els.

  2. There should be a limit to what ‘ALL STUDENTS’ are made to undergo. Not just female students. You guys sound like Misandrists.

  3. I’m sure na government school, coz if na private hmm that man would be punish accordin to the law for violating student right. If blood flow com get diversitate now go cause problem nko? SmH him won just view her vagina make him prick arouse

  4. is an immoral teacher his intention was to view their privates parts.he must not go unpunished so that other will learn …


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