Senators, Reps Set To Go On 6 Weeks Recess

Bukola-DogaraBarring any unforeseen circumstance, the two chambers of the National Assembly will proceed on another round of recess that will last for six weeks.
The recess, it was learnt, would be announced at the end of plenary in the Senate and House of Representatives on Thursday.
Since the 8th National Assembly was inaugurated, the lawmakers have only sat for 11 days in two months. By Thursday when they are expected to proceed on another recess, they would have sat for 14 days.
While the previous recesses were as a result of the leadership crisis, investigations show the latest is “normal”, as it is done annually.
“It is normal for us to go on six weeks recess or so. This one is not like the previous recesses, this one is legal”, a ranking senator revealed to Daily Trust on the condition of anonymity.
Also speaking, one of the clerks at the National Assembly confirmed the upcoming recess describing it as annual recess.
“This is annual recess, it will last for six weeks or more. It is not abnormal but meet the Senate committee on rules and business to tell you the exact date”, he said.