Senior Technician (Power & RMS Project) at IHS Towers

IHS is the leading telecommunications infrastructure company in Africa.  We provide passive infrastructure support to telecoms operators across numerous locations.


Job Title: Senior Technician (Power & RMS Project)


Job description

Verifying correct system installations upon acceptance

Coordinating with all stake holders(power subcontractors and remote monitoring system (RMS) subcontractors, IHS management & network operation centers (NOC)

To ensure proper power solutions is deployd on sites as planned material collection delivery on site on time

Ensure power deployment on site as planned with the project manager and the contractor

Ensure RMS supplier is being informed when site is ready for installation

Ensure RMS material availability in related region

Ensure RMS correct deployment as planned

Ensure quality of deployment for power and RMS with power & RMS csubcontractor

Coordinate wth NOC to ensure site power availability has not been impacted by RMS and power subcontractors during deployment

Ensure system is deployed and functional

Attempt Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT)during handober of completred job between deployment contractors and related receiving departments (NOC, operations, maintenance)

Coordinate with NOC during sanity period to ensure that deployed sittes are performing

Ensure a detailed documentation is provided for every deployed site power & RMS (material checklist, photos before and after installation)

Ensure IHS documentation is complete

Desired Skills and Experience


Nationality: Diversified (Nigerian, Indian…)

English language speaking capabilities;

Computer Skills (Word, Excel, Internet, reporting);

Technical skills / Knowledge:

DC Generator;(installation, troubleshooting & maintenance)

AC Generator;(installation, troubleshooting & maintenance)

Solar System;(exposure on installation, battery installation, combiner box, controller & maintenance)

Rectifiers;(performance, troubleshooting & maintenance.)

Backup Batteries;

Controlling & Monitoring systems (understanding of installation of RMS, equipment & software concept approach)

Air-conditioning;(cooling system, maintenance & troubleshooting )

Ability to coordinator with multiple stake holder

Ability to work long hours.

First degree Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

A minimum of 5 years cognate experience


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