Siasia Dumps PDP, Says Youths Have No Future In The Party


Bayelsa state governorship aspirant Moses Siasia has dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), expressing regret that young people have no future in the party.

The 35 year-old Chairman of multi-billion naira business empire, Mosilo Group, in a statement, stressed that the leadership of the PDP in Bayelsa has isolated him because he chose to champion the cause of the youths.

Read full statement below:

For many years now, I have been actively involved in supporting successive governments in my beloved country Nigeria. I have always believed that every citizen needs to support their government for such government to succeed which was why I supported the governments of late President Umaru Musa Yaradua and that of Goodluck Jonathan. I had thought that by supporting these two governments, I would have fulfilled my patriotic duties as a citizen of my country. I have continuously done my best through my various contributions towards governance in Nigeria through my organization “Nigerian Young Professional Forum (NYPF).

I joined the PDP when one of my overzealous cousins went to my ward to talk about registering me there. I later found the idea to be a very good one and was excited about the whole idea of party politics and making a difference.

I continued to be actively involved in party politics from 2013 till date and the more I got involved in the politics of the party, the more discouraged I became. I saw that so many things were not been done properly and I always wanted to advice and make corrections but the more vocal I became, the more they isolated me, may be because they felt I was a threat to the business as usual way of doing things. I always wanted to see a PDP that will transform into modern day realities and a party that places high premium on the YOUTH who are the engine room of any nation but the more I pushed for youth inclusion in all affairs of the party, the more I was isolated. There was always greater emphasis on money politic rather than ideological prospects.

I have carefully watched over the years and have come to the painful conclusion that the PDP is not ready to change its old ways of imposition, godfatherism and gangsterism.

After the elections, it became very obvious and clear that Nigerians had rejected the PDP because they were tired of seeing the same old faces doing the same thing for 16 years. Faces that the people were convinced are corrupt and cant bring the desired change to the people. The people wanted new faces and something new.

The PDP had a clear chance of redeeming its image in the eyes of the Nigerian people by injecting fresh ideas and fresh faces which would have automatically rebranded the party and restore confidence in the party. I had presented myself to the party on many occasions urging them to use me as that face with a perfect case for Bayelsa State but the party has failed to take advantage of this great opportunity.

The PDP had every opportunity to rebrand and rediscover itself after its defeat at the just concluded general election but I can now see they do not wish to change or evolve.

I, have, therefore, today the 22nd of August decided to leave the party for ideological reasons. I can no longer stay on in the party because they do not have respect for my generation or me. I have nothing personal with the party and will continue to respect her but I think young people have no future in the party.


  1. @ Siasia, u are lost cux where are going to there is neither space for u too, cux take for instance APC, GMB is about 80yrs, his Vice about 70yrs, party chairman about 80yrs, party youth leader 63yrs non of their Governors less than 55yrs, all his adhoc committees, so far are made of people of 80yrs and above, like d 1963 retired Super perm Sec,. Alh. Joda? so what is new about ur leaving PDP apart from looking for job, protection nd making unnecessary news of motion without movement?