Top 5 Major Roads In Lagos With The Worst Traffic

Lagos traffic

Lagos is very popular for its horrible traffic. As much as this traffic cuts across the whole of the state, some major roads in the state are more prone to this traffic than the other. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the major roads in Lagos that has the worst record of traffic. See them below;

Apapa Road: The traffic on this road is so bad that it is now a thing of national interest. People who work in this area often sleep in their respective offices for the week to return home at the weekend all because of the traffic on this road. The reason for this is basically because there is only one major linking road to Apapa. The traffic gets even worse when tanker drivers decide to go park their tankers on the bridge instead of their designated park.

3rd Mainland Bridge: The large number of people who work on the Island and live on the mainland is the major reason for this terrible traffic. The fact that people can spend several hours in this traffic mean they’ve had to learn to leave their homes as early as 4am or 5am in order to meet up with their very early resumption time.

Ikorodu Road: This road is the only major road that links central Lagos to Ikorodu, a fast developing area on the outskirt of Lagos. The fact that it’s on the outskirt of Lagos makes housing in the area relatively cheap compared to what you’ll get in central Lagos. Because of the cheap housing, most Lagosians who work very far away from the area prefer to live there rather than live in places closer to their work place where they’ll have to pay a whole lot more money for accommodation. Because of this among other reason, Ikorodu is very populated and giving the fact that there is only one major road linking Ikorodu to central Lagos, the road often have a lot of cars plying it every day, hence producing horrible traffic congestion everybody complain bitterly about. Even when living Ikorodu during week days as early as 5am, you don’t escape the traffic

Abeokuta Express Way: It is no news that people who live in places in Ogun state work in Lagos state. Because it’s their daily job, these people have to make the long journey down to Lagos everyday; this means they often have to live their homes as early as 4am to beat the traffic. Leaving home as early as 4am does not always mean they will get lucky with escaping the traffic.

Berger Road: This road leads all the way to Mowe and Ibafo in Ogun state. The relatively cheap housing in these areas also makes it a densely populated area, mostly people who work in Lagos. The high population in this area is one of the major reasons for the stand still traffic often encountered on this road. If there was another good road leading to these areas, maybe the story about the traffic would be a whole lot different. Since there isn’t, the horrible traffic tale on the road remains.


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