Top 8 Lyrically Empty Songs From Nigerian Artists

We’ve all come to love Nigerian music. Whats not to love giving the kind of growth the industry has witnessed in recent years. At this point it is safe to say Nigerian music is going international (out of Africa). This (going international ‘ish’) now raises the question of whether or not our music is mature enough for the big stage out of Africa. The reason for the rise of this question stems from the kind of lyrics our music contains. It is obvious to say that most Nigerian artists pay less to no attention to the lyrical content of their music; all they want to make is a club banger that would get them some shows and gigs (and that’s it). This obvious reason is why a singer as talented as Asa is more of a hit outside the country than inside the country. INFORMATION NIGERIA has made a list of recent Nigerian songs with the worst lyrical content:


Iyanya – Kukere: This song was all every Nigerian wanted to listen to in a club when it was first released. Reason for this is simply because of the widely received dance for the song; not because the song has message content in its lyrics. Most people who know this song can’t mention a line in the song aside ‘Kukere’. You won’t blame them because that was basically the only thing Iyanya said throughout the song.


Lil Kesh – Shoki: This song did a good job describing the ‘shoki dance’ in a confusing way. This song would have probably not made this list if the lyrics had properly described the dance move the song was all about. Despite the incoherent lines in the song, it was a club hit for reasons best known to the wonderful Nigerians who danced and still dance to the song.

Pull over

KCee – Pull Over: KCee is a star on the Nigerian music scene today because he’s been successfully making songs Nigerians who go the club can shake their body to. That’s the number reason; the second reason was his best career decision ever; to go solo (we all know who he separated from). This list would have been very incomplete if Pull Over wasn’t there because this song has all the good qualities needed to make this list even though nobody remembers there is a song like this.


Timaya – Gbagam ft Deettii & Phyno: Timaya is very good at what he does; making club hits. But Nigerians can make do with occasional music with lyrics we can understand from Timaya. All dance with no message makes fans feel empty after dancing their energy out. Timaya needs to understand his songs are for people with brains that thinks, who as much as want to dance want to listen to lyrics they understand (not lyrics only the artist understands)

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Timaya – Bum Bum: This is the second song Timaya has sung about ladies’ buttocks. One would have expected the second one of the two will take a different angle to the subject (yash); but no, Timaya decided to stick to his guns and feed his fans with very similar ‘non-content’. Bum Bum was no doubt a hit with no lyrical line to remember after you are done dancing. Well you should at least remember ‘bum bum’


Timaya – Ukwu: Timaya tries to make his fans happy with club bangers no doubt. But he does this to the detriment of what music should be all about. This particular song will only make you dance and if you are watching the video can teach you some things most Nigerian parents wouldn’t.


KCee – Limpopo: This massive hit has one of the best beats Nigeria has ever heard. At the same time it has one of the worse lyrical contents we’ve also ever heard. KCee could be heard repeating himself almost throughout the song. KCee needs to know that as much as Nigerians want something to dance to, we also want lyrics we can make meaning of; not disjointed lyrics you need a compass to trace and piece together.


CDQ – Indomie (Remix): If you listened to the original song and you felt like ‘WTF was this whole song all about’, there is no doubt you will be more confused when you listen to the remix; particularly Davido’s part. It was obvious the artists that featured on the remix ran out of ideas on whatever it is they were saying as they all at some point had to start making reference to the producer as part of the lyrics. Olamide got so stuck on his part that he had to tell his listeners that he is drunk (like they didn’t already know?).



  1. Wen nigerian Msicns noticed dat Ngrns were enjoyin makosa songs without undastandin d meanin, they concluded dat if u have a great beat with a luvly rythm, ur maket wil sell, n dats d magic dey’v bn using n it works! Its lik d local sayin “leave wetin dem write 4 motor body make u entr go were u dey go jare”!!!


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