OMG!!! See What A Military Man Did To A Non Compliant Danfo Driver Today In Apapa [Photos]


An eyewitness gave the report below….


This happened this morning around Apapa Area while descending towards Leventis, the Nigerian military and other agency were trying to control the traffic on the bridge by giving way for smaller vehicle to go through when this Danfo driver came from nowhere and started obstructing traffic, leaving the queue that was created by the task force.

He was already causing traffic when we eventually allowed him to enter in front of us, as one military officer came and told him to park and then roll on the floor from the bridge down to Area B police station.

The scene was such an entertaining one because even his passengers said they told him to follow the queue peacefully but he refused.

I wish to use this medium to commend the Nigerian Military and the joint task force for the good work they are doing in other to ease traffic in Apapa

To all Danfo drivers please always respect your self, Obey traffic rules and stay out of troubles.

More photos below..

Source: Nairaland


  1. Instead of condemning such act human right violation u are praising it. u may one day break the law of the land & fall into the hand of military & receive graver maltreatment. Yours may not be road traffic violation. The military ought to hand him over to police without more. It may be your turn one day.

  2. Danfo/keke drivers are like goats and deserve to be handled as such…they require firm hands to be put to order…to me thats the only language they understand.


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