What Edo Plans To Use The $75m World Bank Loan For


Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole has explained what he plans to use the $75 million World Bank loan he recently secured for.

In an interview with Vanguard, Oshiomole highlighted the state’s plans for the money but reminded Nigerians that $75 million was not “a big money”.

“We are working in all the sectors; we are not limiting the funds to a particular sector. You see the hospitals we are building in Benin and other areas, we are building a university, we are building schools, we are sustaining our investment in education, we are refocusing on technical education because we realised that a lot of young people graduate and no jobs, they can read and write but no skill. So we want to shift emphasis on technical education. We are not limited to any particular area, we are going to sustain all we are doing. Our urban renewal programme will continue but don’t forget 75 million dollars is not a big money.

“If you remember the debate about a kilometre of run way in Abuja that they were going to do for about N15billion per kilometre, this entitre money by PDP standard is not more than one kilometre of road. One project we are doing in Edo, the Benin City Water Storm Project which has helped to de-flood the city. When you hear flood problems in other states, it would have been crazy in Edo if not for this project. We have lost children and families to flood in the past during the PDP reign but today it does not happen. That project alone is N30 billion just drainage and construction of about ten adjourning streets. So we appreciate the money but it is not the kind of money that can do miracles in the life of a state,” Oshiomole said.

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