Yahaya Bello Picks APC Gubernatorial Form For Kogi Polls

Yahaya-BelloKogi State gubernatorial aspirant, Yahaya Bello, has picked the All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination form at the party head office in Abuja.

Speaking at the national secretariat of the party in Abuja yesterday, Bello said: “I am running for Kogi State governorship in the forthcoming election, beginning with the primaries of APC”.

The aspirant noted that Kogi State was created 24 years ago; the same number of years it took Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to develop from the desert it was then to the world renowned destination it is today.

“It is unfortunate that our state that was created 24 years ago is rated 35th among the less developed states in Nigeria.


“With all the enormous resources we have and what is accruable to the state over the years, there is nothing to show for it. Therefore, the people of Kogi State, the young and the old and also the women came together and asked me to run, to come and rescue the state”, he explained.

He said that his entourage came from far and near across the length and breadth of the state to support his aspiration.

“In our quest to liberate the state, we have decided to take on 5 cardinal points that are going to affect the lives of our people. We are going to declare a state of emergency in the education sector. When I was in primary school the educational system was better. Today children learn under trees, the roofs of their classes are caving in, the teachers are not motivated”.

Bello added that Kogi State has fertile land to produce one form of agricultural produce unfortunately the fertile land is lying fallow.

“We are looking into the area of infrastructural development. We have taken a tour round Kogi State and we have seen the state of our infrastructures is in poor state”.

He also lamented that the government is not paying attention to internally generated revenue. “Kogi State has more than 80% of solid minerals in Nigeria which some powerful cabals are illegally mining to their own benefits. We will make sure that Kogi State is prosperous and other states will come to learn from us.

“We will partner with both local and foreign investors to ensure that we tap our solid minerals. In the area of tourism, we are making contacts with our business partners within and outside the country to make Kogi a hub of tourism in Nigeria.

“With all these put in place, there will be job creation for our youths and I belong to that class. Our youths are redundant and we want to ensure that they are gainfully employed”.


  1. interesting ! let me start by praying to God to grant you this opportunity. I like this brilliant mind of yours, I don’t know which part of the state you are from, but all I know is that, the people of this part of the country are in need of change. and that change has come, that change is you, yahaya bello.
    I am not a politician nor a card carrier of any political party but, sincerely this article you posted here moved me to send this reply.
    go yahaya, go after your dream we are strongly behind you, victory is yours by his grace.


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