You’re A ‘Garage Boy’ Fit For The Motor Park, Orubebe Lashes At Oshiomhole Again

Adams Oshiomhole-Godsday OrubebeThe verbal altercation between former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godsday Orubebe and Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, Wednesday, escalated with the former Delta State governorship aspirant calling the Edo governor a “garage boy”.

The ex-minister, who was reacting to Oshiomhole’s response to his (Orubebe’s) earlier remarks about him, said the governor’s attempt to link his genuine advice to President Muhammadu Buhari to be wary of “Villa sycophants” to his fears of a possible probe, shows he was indeed a garage boy who lacks focus.
Orubebe who described the governor’s insinuation as laughable, maintained that the Edo governor had failed to address the issue of sycophancy which he accused him and vowed to expose his dubious deeds against Nigerians.

According to Orubebe, Gov. Oshiomhole was suffering from chronic diarrhea of the mouth, which explains why he has lately been misleading Nigerians, adding that his illiteracy was beyond human comprehension.

“I am proud to have been a vital instrument used by God to take the once abandoned East-West Road project to an admirable 80 per cent level of completion. It is unfortunate that our respected Niger Delta could produce the likes of Oshiomhole who is a garage boy that should be at the motor park”, he said.

Threatening to expose Oshiomhole more, Orubebe, said “I will disgrace him publicly and tell the world about his dubious deeds as governor as well as his role in the botched Third Term Bid of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

“I am going to open his can of worms to the point that Nigerians will stone him if seen on the streets. I don’t talk carelessly as I have my facts to prove my points”.

On the alleged embezzlement of several billions of naira under his watch as Minister of Niger Delta, he said: “I am not afraid of probe, I’m a man of integrity under whose watch the abandoned 42 bridges and 1040 culverts that were initially without design were upgraded to the level it is today.”

“Every reasonable Niger Deltan and Nigerians at large knows that I am the admired face of the East West Road, I can stand tall, anywhere and anytime to defend my administration as well as account for every dime that was allocated for the several projects we embarked upon”.

“My Co- ministers and every other person who was a member of the Federal Executive Council under former President Jonathan’s watch can attest to the fact that I was a vessel par excellence, who had result oriented contributed to make towards moving the nation forward”, he said.

On the statement by the governor that he ought to be cooling off in jail following his actions at the 2015 presidential election collation Centre, Abuja, Elder Orubebe, said “If he is reasonable, he will not refer to my action at the election result collation centre.

“This is because, history will talk about it and Nigerians will be proud of me. Yes, I had to apologise to Nigerians, particularly the youths over my I term ‘wrong approach to a just course’. Yes, I had a just case that was deliberately ignored, as one who felt cheated, and so reacted.

“I’m laughing at him because, if there’s anyone who should burry his face in shame, it has to be Oshiomhole who disgraced, harassed and rough handled a poor widow who he should have ordinarily accommodated.

“My people are very proud of me, I mean the aged, the poor and orphans. I don’t disgrace them before putting smiles on their faces. I maintain the fact that Oshiomhole is a popular villa sycophant, a garage boy and that PMB should be wary of him, if he must succeed and be really admired”.