You’re Full Of Sh*t: 10 Awesome Ways To Detoxify Your Body And Life

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Let’s take a look at 10 awesome solutions that will us help us to detoxify our bodies and our lives:
1. Pure water

The best water you can drink is natural spring water, and I don’t mean plastic-bottled water that says it’s spring water.

You need to be drinking the real deal from a spring source captured in a glass bottle.

Another way to ensure you’re using pure water is by replacing your shower filter to one that filters out chlorine.
2. Rebounding

Jump on a rebounder for about 20 minutes daily, and enjoy the benefits when your body squeezes out toxins through the lymphatic system. Aside from the health benefits, it’s fun!
3. Fresh air

Being in an environment that’s rich in oxygen and consciously taking full, deep breaths will oxygenize your body and your cells. It will give you one of the most vital ingredients needed for life.

Try breathing in a one-four-two count to stimulate your lymphatic system and oxygenize your body. That can be four seconds of inhaling, 16 seconds of holding your breath and eight seconds of exhaling.

Do it about 10 times.
4. Drinking green juices

Organic green vegetable juices are very nutrient dense, and they can help to detoxify your body.

Try them out at a local organic juice bar, and if you’re up for the next level, buy a juicer to make your own organic vegetable juices.

If juicing sounds inconvenient for you, you can purchase raw, freeze-dried superfoods and add them to water for a boost of nutrients.

Check out wheat grass juice, chlorella and spirulina to enjoy the benefits of a detoxified and energized life.
5. Move more, sit less

Sitting is a silent killer.

When you move yourself by walking, sports, exercise or rebounding, you stimulate more blood flow in your body. This also helps your body better eliminate toxins.
6. Step into a sauna

Saunas aren’t just a luxurious way to reset; they help us detoxify our bodies through sweating out the impurities. Of all sauna types, the infrared sauna is by far the best for a deep detoxification.

According to Dr. Brian Clement, the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna is the former heats us up from inside out.

The infrared sauna “can significantly expedite the detoxification process.

It heats your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes. It also enhances circulation and helps oxygenate your tissues.”
7. Give your body the sleep you need

Too many of us are overworked and don’t get enough sleep. This takes a toll on our health and performance abilities.

We need to give our bodies the sleep it needs.

A few ways to optimize your sleep at night includes turning off electronic devices and Wi-Fi, moving alarm clocks away from the bed, sleeping in near to complete darkness and having air temperature set to about 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
8. AAA: Awareness, Acknowledgment and Acceptance

Our emotions, mind and spirit directly influences the quality of our physical health. They’re all part of your life.

When we consistently feel angry or enraged, the chemicals released from the emotional experience can take a toll on our bodies.

This can also happen when we feel anxious, lonely and depressed.

Donny Epstein, the visionary behind the concept of Restorative Therapeutics and Reorganizational Healing, believes we need to upgrade ourselves and our lives through AAA: becoming aware of our experience, acknowledging our experience and accepting it as it is.

This process helps us recognize what is plaguing our minds, and it teaches us how to expel these negative emotions.
9. Eat water-rich, plant-based foods

One of the best ways to consistently detoxify our bodies is to eat water-rich, plant-based foods.

Greens like cucumbers, celery, chard, mustard greens, kale, arugula and spinach are great to eat regularly.

Fruits like avocados, tomatoes, watermelons and berries also are rich in water content and nutrients.

The key is to eat these foods raw and in their most natural forms. That way, we can consume all their nutrients and enzymes.
10. Go organic

Organic food is natural food. When you eat organic, you know your meal isn’t coated in pesticides, which are toxic to our bodies and our brains.

Organic food tastes better, is tested and tried (unlike GMO foods), supports biodiversity and promotes healthy working conditions for farmers.