18 Ways To Engage In Public Foreplay Without Crossing The Line

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The word foreplay typically conjures up images of lovers passionately kissing and embracing each other in a dark room softly illuminated by candles, with romantic music playing in the background.

However, foreplay can take on many forms outside of the bedroom.

In fact foreplay can happen anytime and anywhere. It should not be limited to the bedroom and only serve as the immediate prelude to sex. Foreplay is important because it delights the senses and ignites passion.

Couples should regularly and creatively incorporate foreplay into their daily routine to maintain a healthy and vibrant sexual relationship. Listed below are six ways to engage in foreplay anywhere at any time.
Verbal and Non-Verbal Foreplay

1) Hold hands with fingers interlocked while walking together

2) Steal quick glances

3) Make eye contact with long seductive gazes

4) Shower your mate with compliments

5) Flirt with your mate smile, wink, and blow kisses at them

6) Whisper your most erotic fantasy in their ear
Touchy Feely Foreplay

7) Stroke your man’s arm while holding his hand

8) Touch his chest, caress his face, or gently stroke his beard

9) Caress the back of his head a neck

10) Sit on the same side of the booth when dining out so you can stroke each other’s legs, arms, and thighs

11) Hold your mate around her waist or gently place your hand in the small of her back while walking

12) Stand behind your mate and gently kiss her neck and ears

Dress Up for Your Mate

13) Couples when you go out wear be intentional with your dress. Be sure to wear the things that your mate likes to see you in. Fellas suit it up for her or wear those jeans that perfectly show of your assets. Ladies show off those legs with a pair of sexy stilettos and a sexy dress.
Cater to Your Mate

14) When you’re out at an event with family or friends serve your mate by fixing their plate and keeping their glass filled

15) When dining out take the lead and order for your mate

16) Eating can be very sensual so share your food and feed each other
Love Messages

17) Send your mate sexy texts throughout the day

18) Excuse yourself while shopping, having dinner, or during halftime at your kid’s soccer game and go take a sexy pic and send it to your mate
Breaking Bad Habits

Rather than putting a nickel in the swear jar every time your mate says a bad word, have them pay for their transgressions with a 5 to 10 second kiss or embrace until they relax and melt in your arms.

These are all ways to build sexual energy with your mate all day wherever you are. Incorporate some of these ideas into your daily routine to reignite passion on your relationship.

source: blackandmarriedwithkids.com

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