4 Easy Morning Tricks For A Flawless Skin

Sure, getting enough beauty sleep has been proven to work wonders on your complexion—and here’s hoping you’re getting plenty of it over the holiday weekend! But the way you care for it after the alarm goes off is just as important to look fresh and glowing.

Whether you’re logging them or not, those 7 hours aren’t the only key to a radiant complexion. It turns out, there are lesser-known A.M. practices that can have a major impact on skin’s texture and tone. Dendy Engelman, MD, a dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in New York City reveals the game-changing strategies that’ll let you face the day feeling confident.

1. Drink a glass of room temperature water.

Place a glass of water on your nightstand in the evening and drink it before even getting out of bed. “This wakes your body up and encourages blood flow,” says Engelman. Sipping enough H2O (at least 72 ounces per day) is crucial for supple, healthy skin, plus “water-soluble toxins go out with water, so adequate hydration is certainly directly relevant for kidney function,” she adds.

2. Try a new exfoliation technique.

“Your complexion looks radiant when it’s smooth enough to reflect light,” explains Engelman. But when dead cells pile up, the flaky layers can diffuses that light making skin look dull. Exfoliation can slough off that buildup in the shower.

3. Take a cold water plunge.

Celebs might be onto something with the idea that submerging their faces in icy water may yield the perfect flush. It’s the same rosy effect you’d see after a brisk walk or run in a chilly breeze. “The rest of your body heats up and circulation invigorates your complexion. Your pores sort of open and constrict in rapid succession when you step into a warm room,” Engelman reveals. Just a few seconds in the ice bath can result in a poreless look (albeit temporary!) with pinky cheeks and lips through that morning presentation or interview.

4. Eat a skin-friendly breakfast.

Nourish your face from the inside out with a morning meal packed with vitamins. Engelman starts her day with the recipe below. “Not only does it taste great, but it’s packed with antioxidants, probiotics and fiber. The collagen powder helps reduce wrinkles and keeps my skin looking young,” she says.



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