Actress Angela Okorie Shows Off Her Big Oranges [PHOTOS]

She captioned it: Just did a Bosom enlargement #how do u see it#? I guess this is just some Nollywood stunt but that does not mean Angela Okorie is not well endowed. See her real stuffs…




Source: Olufamous


  1. you call him nonsense, OK. Speak against you who have wrote this comment against the servant of God.That your peace will no longer be yours. Mark this OK. you Vipers can’t you see the country tiering apart. Are we still the one Nigeria we used to be? A Muslim man put on the cloth of Diplomacy to kill his helpless preys. Is that not what is happening in Northern part? Every Nigerian should know where he belong to and stop deceiving themselves. The prophecy is a known reality of which everyday a Muslim man preach on how to kill the Arna and Kafurai. Who created the Arna, kafurai and the Musulmai who a tormenting the world today? let us be careful of any comment we give.

  2. Gandu, u must be very stupid with dat ur statement, how dare you? Are u God? Are you d minister of peace? Neither u are d peace giver. Everybody has right to criticize. In Nigeria today we all live a life of PDP,designed by PDP….. I mean people deceive people

  3. Angela, that’s too bad, at least you are very much beautiful without your bosom enlargement. hence you were endowed naturally and I see no reason why you should go for enlargement while your fans every body likes you just how you were.


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