Banky W Outlines 6 Qualities His Wife Must Possess


Famous singer and Record label exec, Bankole Wellington aka Banky W, has opened up on the 6 important qualities his potential wife must posses.

In a recent chat with The Punch, the Empire Mates Entertainment co-owner stated that though it is tough to be unmarried with his success, he would make a  a great boyfriend and husband.

Banky W lists the six qualities he wants in the wife of his dream as: –

1. For Banky W, physical beauty is important to a certain extent because you have to be attracted to someone to want to get to know more

2. The Yes or No singer loves ladies that are independent

3. The American returnee loves ambitious females that he can have a real conversation with.

4. A good cook would readily capture Banky’s heart as he said, ‘If you can cook, it’s a huge plus because I am a sucker for good food.’

5. For a musician, it won’t be out of place to love a woman that enjoys good music, thus, Banky W loves women that are fun to be with and love music.

6. For a singer that loves dancing, Banky says his potential wife should be a good dancer.

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