Buhari Not Carrying The Party Along In Appointment Of Ministers, APC Chieftain Alleges


A National Working Committee (NWC) member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has disclosed that the party leadership is not being carried along in the appointments so far made by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking with ThisDay, the NWC member expressed regret that the party is left dark. “We read in the newspapers like every other Nigerian that President Muhammadu Buhari promised to appoint his ministers this month of September. But we, the leaders of the party are in the dark over the process; the president is not talking to us”.

However, he warned that the President may have difficulty getting his ministers confirmed by the Senate if leaders of the party are not carried along.

“I am sure the president knows the huge political implications of not carrying leaders of our party along in his ongoing efforts to appoint his ministers. I can tell you confidently that the ministerial list will not pass through the Senate,” the APC source added.

“The president would be signing the death warrant of the APC if he chooses not to carry the party along in his appointment of ministers,” he said.


  1. APC leaders you don’t be in a rush and I don’t think everyone will be in the cabinet because you’re a party leaders,what about you’re not competent to be in the office you’re aiming to work at ? Then you make the party and the other party leaders look stupid are we trying to help the nation or we are trying to help ourselves? Try to understand me I’m not trying to be rude to anyone but we just need to help our country May God continue to help all our good leaders God help Nigeria.

  2. By their fruit we shall know yhem. This member is PDP mole planted in APC. Do you want him to tell you so that you can try to lobby for someone, baba agbero.
    I beg leave Buhari, alone and let him run his government. You are already planting a seed of disunity by suggesting that his ministers would not be approved. Are you planning on holding through president hostage? Why would it be difficult when his party own the majority in both chambers, unless you have been plotting against or you are privy to something sinister that is underway. Please Mr. member of NWC, don’t threaten our president, so if you don’t like the way he is running his administration, resign your position in the APC, and go back to the PDP, where you belong.


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