Charly Boy – “Society Sees Unmarried Women As ‘Incomplete'”


Controversial Area Fada of Abuja entertainment, Charly Boy has written a piece concerning financially secure women who are not married.

In his latest Facebook post, Charly Boy stated that the society views unmarried women as ‘incomplete’, and regards marriage for a woman as her greatest achievement.

You can read his entire post below: –

More women are career orientated and because of this, marriage somehow takes the back burner, however, no matter how successful a woman is in our society, irrespective of what she achieves in her career, or how financially independent she becomes, society still looks at it as incomplete.

“It is always expected that she crowns it all with a husband attached to her and where she fails to get married, her success is always tagged with a clause. Marriage is a Nobel institution even though we don’t think it’s meant for everybody. So what so you think, does marriage validate a woman, and do parental and societal pressure create this need for validation.

Early this month it was reported that Charly Boy had married a second wife, Ify Koko.

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  • Not only women, men 2. Its a sign of bein responsible. Little or never had anyone bn held 2 ransom bcs of d r marital status. Its jus d rsponsibility dat coms wit adulthood.

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