Empower CCB With Optimal Powers, NANS Urges FG

NANS-PROTEST-IN-ABUJAThe Lagos State chapter of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has called on the Federal Government to strengthen the Code of Conduct Bureau so as to uncover politicians at state and local government levels with false assets declaration.
Chairman of the NANS Joint Campus Committee in the state, Sulaimon Sanusi, on Tuesday, said that empowering the CCB would allow it to unmask corrupt governors.
The statement read, “Without sentiment or bias, we, the National Association of Nigerian Students in the Lagos axis, charge the Federal Government to empower the Code of Conduct Bureau with the optimal powers necessary for them to ensure that they spread their tentacles beyond the federal authority alone and they should ensure they are not selective in the corruption fight.
“In the famous words of the late Filipino senator, Ninoy Aquino, this is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who do wrong things, but because of the people who let wrong things happen.
“It is important that the CCB also goes after those governors who served in the same period when the senate president was serving as the governor”.