Entertainment Fans React To New Trend Of Male Nigerian Celebrities Dating/Marrying White Women

Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke recently became the latest male  Nigerian celebrity to father a child with a white lady. On the 1st of September, Jim Iyke welcomed a baby boy with his 23-year-old Lithuanian lover, Dana Kinduryte. Jime Iyke is not the first to father a baby with or marry a white woman. IK Ogbonna did it before him; he fathered a baby with and married a Colombian lady. Singer May D is also in a relationship with a Swedish woman after he recently broke up with his Nigerian girlfriend he’s been together with before the money and fame. With this fast becoming a trend giving the space of time between IK Ogbonna’s marriage and Jim Iyke’s out of wedlock birth, INFORMATION NIGERIA has gone out to find out what Nigerian entertainment fans think of it. Their reactions are below;

Reacting to the new trend, Nakwada Sarauniya reminded that the trend is not limited to the male celebrities as many female celebrities have equally gotten married to white men. She identified some of them as “Kate Henshaw, Uche Jombo Rodriguez, Chioma Toplis, Ragina Askia, Anita Hogan, Maheeda, Oluchi Onweaga Orlandi, Ufoma Ejinobor”.

Prince Akintokun K. Promise supported the idea of Male Nigerians marrying/dating white ladies as he said “Jim made the right decision. Many Nigerian girls are after gamble relationship, not true love but pretentious love with a mission. Many of them lack good characters too”. In the same vein, Cajetan Ogemdi also supported the idea of male celebrities not marrying Nigerian ladies citing love for money as the reason. He said “I don’t blame Nigerians marrying outside the shores of our country, not only Jim Iyke and co, because the only language our girls understand here is money. Money not love”.

Using Governor Adams Oshiomole’s justification for marrying a foreigner to defend the decision of male Nigerian celebrities to marry white ladies, Igwe Jeremiah noted that “Oshiomole has said it all; our ladies are disrespectful. Jim lyke will soon come out with his reason”. Still in defense of this new trend, Solomon Ibrahim said “male celebrities have every reason to stay away from most Nigerian girls; most of them are ‘419ners’, they are only after your money”.



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