Lover Cuts Off Married Man’s Private Part For Not Divorcing His Wife Quickly


A man was seen running from his hotel room and bleeding after his mistress cut off his private parts.

The victim of China, is said to be a successful 50-year-old businessman. He was identified as Liu.  Liu of Hangzhou, began an affair with the younger woman about five years ago, and he repeatedly promised that he was going to divorce his wife.

The woman, who is about 30 years younger than him, was told that the businessman and his wife live apart. The businessman also said that he wanted to start a new life with the younger woman.

The lover who was identified as Zhang, became increasingly frustrated and annoyed by his constant excuses for not keeping his promise to divorce his wife. One day, when they 2 checked into a hotel for one of their regular meetings, she confront the man about the issue and the two got into an argument.

An employee at the hotel told police that she heard the couple screaming in their room after which she saw the woman rushing out.

The staff member then saw Liu covered in blood. Police found the man’s private parts and a pair of scissors on the bed in the hotel room.  The woman fled the scene and the man ran out of the hotel without clothes. People took photos of the naked man running in the streets.  Police did not say whether Liu’s private parts was reattached. They only said that they are still looking for the suspect.


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