Man Rapes Friend’s Wife During Halftime Of Football Match He Took His Friend To A Bar To Watch


A man was arrested after he took his friend to a bar to watch football and then sexually assaulted the man’s wife during half-time. Larry Milan Jacobs of South Carolina, began the night by taking his friend to a sports bar to watch football, but landed in jail on charges of sexual assault, police said.

According to a Myrtle Beach police report, Jacobs, 35, went to Pop’s Place Restaurant with a friend to watch the football game. At halftime, Jacobs allegedly told his friend that he has to leave the bar to pick up his daughter.

When Jacobs left, he did not pick up his daughter. He went to the house of the friend, knowing the friend’s wife would be home alone, the report said.

The victim told police that after a brief argument at the door, Jacobs pushed the woman into the laundry room, where he sexually assaulted her.   Jacobs was charged with one count of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and one count of first-degree burglary. Bond was set at $60,000.


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