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64-year-old Ngipheni Ngcobo has never had any sexual experience.


The unusual virgin always takes part in the annual Zulu reed dance for virgins at the Nyokeni palace in South Africa. The South African woman recently participated in the recent Swazi dance for virgins with other young girls.

From the sight, Ngipheni is old to be the grandmother of these young girls who danced with their breasts bare. Aside from being a virgin, Ngipheni works as a school vendor.

The reed dance was started by King Goodwill Zwelithini in 1984 in order to make girls abstain from premarital sex. She has however not missed any edition since she started attending.

When asked about relationship, the beautiful virgin ho looks two decades younger than her real age said that she was once in love about 20 years ago. Her man had even paid ilobolo (marriage interest price) on her behalf but she told herself she can never be in love anymore when she caught her man with another woman.

She said: “In our days our fiances never rushed us into having sex. They respected us. I separated with my fiance because he cheated. We had been seeing each other for 10 years, but we had never had sex. When I found out he was having an affair with another man’s wife, that was it for me. Maybe I would have understood if it had been just another girl, but did he have to do it with a woman who was married?

“Before we go to the ceremony, our guardians test us to make sure that we are still virgins. This is because the ceremony is only for virgins.”

She is said to be an influence to all young girls in South Africa. Meanwhile, a woman was spotted recently celebrating staying off sexual activities for three months. The unidentified 3-month-old celibate took the celebration further by making two beautiful cakes.

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