Migrant Crisis: Refugees Flood Into Re-opened Hungary Train Station


Thousands of refugees have stormed into the main train station in Budapest after police re-opened it following a two-day standoff. Thousands had spent the night outside the station in the heart of the Hungarian capital. Aljazeera has more:

They want to get on trains to either Austria or Germany, but for two days, authorities blocked them from travelling. “It was like a human tide racing through the entrance of the station. It was an extraordinary scene,” Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, reporting from Budapest, said.

“It reminds of us the World War II refugee crisis,” our correspondent added.  “Some sources say Austria agreed to take in 1,500 refugees. However, there is no official statement on the issue.” In a statement on Thursday, Hungary’s railway operator said no international trains would be leaving the Keleti station “for an indefinite period”.

On Wednesday, the refugees shouted “freedom, freedom” and called to be let onto trains as Hungarian authorities said for a second day that they would prevent anyone without a valid visa from entering the station.

A spokesperson for the Hungarian government reiterated that: “In the territory of the EU, illegal migrants can travel onwards only with valid documents and observing EU rules.

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