Ministerial Appointments: September 30 Deadline Sacrosanct – Presidency

PMBAs apprehension mounts over the September 30 deadline set by President Muhammadu Buhari to unveil his ministerial list, the Presidency has assured that the deadline is sacrosanct.
There are only 5 days left before the end of the month of September.
This apprehension is made worse by the fact that the Senate, whose responsibility is it to receive the list from the Executive and screen the ministerial nominees, is on vacation to resume on September 29, 24 hours before the September 30th deadline.
But the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, has advised Nigerians not to worry as the deadline given by President Buhari to form his cabinet has not yet elapsed.
He said: “Time given has not yet elapsed and the president himself said of by September 30, there is no cabinet, you should come and ask him questions. That is it”.
Adesina’s comment re-echoes the president’s sentiments during his visit to Ghana on September 7, where he told Journalists that he would unfailingly constitute his cabinet on or before the end of September.
“After I was sworn-in, I said I will have my cabinet in September. I expect that Nigerians should ask me questions after the 30th of September if I do not do so”, he said.


  1. I think, September’s deadline which is on 30th of this month should be paramount for president Buhari to unveils his ministerial list before Nigeria celebrates the 55th birthday anniversary on 1st october, 2015. With credible, suitable and reputable ministers in his cabinet, president Buhari would be able to surmount the enormous challenges facing Nigerian economy and democracy.
    He exigently needs accountable and reliable Nigerians who would utilised their ingenious and dexterious acuity to makes momentous decisions that would panacea in making Nigeria becomes better economic zone for investors to come and invest. These ministerial people would help president Buhari’s cabinet to recovered all looted fun and ensured proper administration in all government agencies, departments, ministries and even affiliated groups and NGO.
    Nigerians are looking forward to see and joins president Buhari in the assiduous commitment to curbs and curtail the incessant cases of corruption and Boko Haram’s insurgency and terrorism.
    I am hopeful and confident that within a short period of time with committed ministers in his cabinet, president Buhari would definitely delivered on his presidential promises.
    Creating jobs opportunities for Nigerians graduates, ensuring peace and tranquillity amongst Nigerians irrespective of political parties and affiliations, surmounting the economic challenges facing Nigerian states and federal government and ensuring all the six geopolitical zone are debalised in developmental infrastructures such as railways and roads for ease transportation, electric power for ease business stability, sea and air ports for ease importation and exportation and others useful infrastructures that would panacea in making Nigeria becomes developed country in future.
    I anticipates good democratic governance from president Buhari’s cabinet for sociopolitical and socioeconomic development across Nigerian federation.