Nurse Tapes Baby’s Mouth Shut For ‘Crying Too Much’


An investigation is underway after a couple visiting their newborn son found his mouth had been taped shut. Rye Kido, whose five-day-old baby boy Yohannes Noval was in a nursery in a private maternity hospital in Cebu, the Philippines, posted images of his son on Facebook.

The pictures – showing the tiny baby with what looks like clear  medical tape over his mouth – have gone viral, as has Kido’s account of what happened to his son. Baby Yohannes Noval was just five-days-old when he was found with his mouth taped up in a nursery at a private maternity hospital

 He writes: “Meet my son… he cannot speak about his horrific experience… so we have to speak out for him.“If you think your new born babies are safe, think again. Your babies could be silent victims and you will never really know about it!” In a longer post he asks: “Would you tolerate this? I’m the father of this baby and I CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate this bullsh*t.”



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