Oil Baron, Ayiri Visits Majek Fashek In Rehab [PHOTOS]


Famous Oil baron, Ayiri Emami known for his close association with Nigerian celebrities, has visited Reggae legend Majek Fashek at the Synapse Services-Centre For Psychological Medicine over the weekend in Abuja

Ayiri even took pictures with Majek Fashek at the rehab centre and it’s good to see Majek Fashek looking better and very calm.

Ayiri Emami is paying for the ‘Send Down the Rain‘ singer’s bills in rehabilitation.

Majek Fashek was taken to rehab in August by his former band singer Monica Omorodion Swaida who started raising funds for Majek in June; shortly after he was taken into rehab, Ayiri Emami took on the responsibility of paying for Majek Fashek’s bills.

 In a press conference last month, Majek Fashek advised youths to stay off drugs.

People should stop the use of alcohol and drugs because being drunk will end up destroying your career and your plans for the future.

Tony Okoroji and Majek Fashek

“Coming to the rehab is not a bad idea because I realised that I am addicted to alcohol and it was beginning to affect my output and what I enjoy doing and decided to seek for help. I am not the first singer or person that will go to the rehab; most renowned celebrities we know today go to rehabilitation centres to cool their memory” Majek Fashek told the press.

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