Police Block Refugees From Hungary Train Station


Hungarian authorities have blocked refugees from entering Budapest’s main train terminal in an apparent attempt to prevent them from heading towards Austria and Germany – despite letting others travel onwards just hours earlier. Aljazeera reports:

About 1,000 people were gathered outside the capital’s main international railway station on Tuesday morning, with many heard shouting “Germany, Germany” – where they are hoping to travel.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, reporting from the rail station, said long lines of police were blocking all access to the station for refugees, adding that a few residents and tourists were allowed to enter.

“The crowd is angry and frustrated. They are sitting down, tired and desperate. Many have bought tickets for their families at large costs … not knowing if they will ever use [them],” Simmons said.

Before being blocked from access to trains, thousands of refugees made it to Vienna and Munich over the past few days. Police in Vienna said 3,650 refugees had reached the city on Monday, representing a new daily record. Austrian authorities appeared to have given up on trying to apply European Union rules by filtering out refugees who had already claimed asylum in Hungary, train passengers said.

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