Seun Kuti Advocates For The Legalization Of Marijuana In Nigeria


Afrobeat legacy, Seun Kuti has stated that he feels marijuana should be legalized in the country.

Seun Kuti who is a famous marijuana user spoke for the legalization of ‘weed’ in an interview with The Nation newspaper.

There are doctors and scientists who believe that marijuana should be legalised. There are also lawyers, judges, and politicians who believe that the war on drugs is a false war. That is actually a war on the poor people all over the world, because poor people and rich people use drugs to be sane. But you will find that here, people are in jail more for drug use” Seun Kuti told the newspaper.

A picture of different strains of weed on Seun Kuti's Instagram

Seun Kuti said the Federal Government has not done any research on marijuana and its uses.

A picture of two weed strains shared by Seun Kuti on his Instagram

We as Africans had no reason to ban marijuana. It was done out of the U.S. lobby, forcing our governments to ban the drug. I don’t think that the Nigerian government has ever carried out any independent research on marijuana. One of the biggest markets in the world for marijuana in the world is Israel (which is a more religious country than Nigeria). But they understand the benefits… especially the economic benefits. So much wealth can be generated from it, but that is another issue entirely.

In June, Seun Kuti wrote down his thoughts concerning the legalization of weed in the United States of America.

While the blind government of Africa are still harassing nature and holdin bak the economic potential of marijuana in Africa, this is what’s happening in the United States of America” wrote Seun Kuti on his Instagram.