Spanish Police Say Seized Marijuana Are Getting Them High


Police in a Spanish town are complaining of feeling the “effects of smoking something illegal” as a result of smelling seized marijuana stored at their station.

USPAC, the union representing police officers in the northeastern town of Olot, said the 2,000 marijuana plants seized during the summer are being stored in locations including the underground parking lot and some police offices due to lack of space and the smell from the plants have been making officers ill.

The union said the “unbearable smell” from the plants has caused “discomfort” and “headaches” in some officers, while others reported “feeling the effects of smoking something illegal.”

“What will people who come to report incidents think when they enter the police stations and smell such a strong odor?” the union’s complaint said. The union said police management has failed to address complaints from officers. The complaint called for specialized containers to be installed at the station to store the marijuana and other objects.