Tayo Faniran – “The Wedding Bells Will Soon Ring”


Nigerian stud, Tayo Faniran, who became famous after his appearance in Globally watched reality TV show – Big Brother, has granted a new interview.

In his recent chat with Punch, Former BBA star told the newspaper that the wedding bells will soon ring.

Tayo also said he’s not under any pressure to get married.

“I am currently in an exciting relationship and I have a son. The wedding bells will soon ring but I am not under pressure to get married. The mother of my son is comfortable with our relationship and we live together so, we can give our child the best of everything.” Tayo said.

“We are not getting married now and it’s our personal decision. I love marriage, and my parents are still happily married and living together. I don’t pray to encounter any problems in my marriage when I eventually get wedded. I also want to get married and enjoy the gains of marital life.” he added.



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