These 4 Things Are A Beast In The Bedroom And Your Husband Wants Them All


Sex is the greatest opportunity to serve your spouse in a selfless way, and the same for your spouse to do for you. Men and women may see sex completely differently, but that’s the beauty of how God designed us in order for us to WORK AT becoming one in our mind and bodies.

So here are Four Things Your Husband Really Wants in the Bedroom:

1. He Wants You to be Open to Trying New Things

I am a firm believer that you should never do anything in the bedroom that one person doesn’t agree with. It doesn’t matter what it is. The marriage bed is a place of unification not pressure to perform. In the same way, it’s often too easy to stay in a box and not try new things in order to spice things up. Your husband wants you to be open to trying new things or, at least, discuss it.

2. He Wants You to Let Him Pleasure You

There is nothing better for your husband than knowing you are being pleased by him. This is one of the greatest man moments for your husband, so you not only should let him pleasure you, but also tell him when he is doing a good job. Verbal communication is huge for men so they know how they are doing.

For some women that have come from abusive relationships or a hurtful past, it can be challenging to let yourself be fully loved by your husband. You have to let him in and trust him as your head.

3. He Wants You to Desire Him

Men want to be desired just as much as you want to be loved. This is a huge part of having a healthy sex life before you get to the bedroom. The build up phase to a great time of intimacy is built up by little signs of desire.

Just how you desire the text messages, help around the house, and special date nights alone which all communicate to you that your husband desires you, your husband desires the same. For him, its more communicated through flirting, through physical touch at random moments, putting on that outfit that makes him look twice when you wear it, or just letting him know how much he rocks your world.

4. He Wants You To Want It Too

Your husband wants you to want to have sex as well. I know it is much harder for a woman to experience an orgasm than a man, but this is why it requires teamwork.

Communicate to your husband what you like or desire so you can make your times of intimacy just as pleasing for you as it is for him. Your husband wants you to be their desiring the sex just as much as he does.
Ladies, is your inner sex kitten still present in your marriage

God’s word is clear that sex is the tool that brings two people closer together than any other force on Earth. This is not done without work, investment, time, patience, and a lot of love!

Commit to serving your spouse no matter what. When you both embrace this mindset, I guarantee those intimate moments will be the most desired times of your day.

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