Tonto Dikeh-Churchill Regrets Not Learning How To Cook With Her Step Mum

Now a proud wife of Mr Churchill, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has regretted her past stubbornness with her step mother while in the kitchen.

The actress, who has been trying her hands in some cooking at home disclosed that she miss her step mom cooking because she is now being forced to learn how to cook herself.

She recalled when her step mother would call her into the kitchen to come and learn how to cook but she will refuse telling her she does not want to soil her nails.


Tonto thanked her sister who came to her rescue by telling her how to go about the cooking which she eventually made.

“Rivers state fisherman’s Soup & fufu for breakfast. I miss my step moms cooking mahn,
remember those days she will ask me to come learn to cook I would reply her with I can’t soil my nails, laughs, childish Tonto but now I’m a bad ass chef. Thanks to my Yokozuna Tushtati01 for the recipe. Picture don’t do justice to this meal. My local side,”
she shared this photo and wrote.

Source: Instagram


  1. Its quite unfortunate that an Igbo lady like Tonto could not cook! Iam not from the East, but i married from the east, Abia to be precise and i know fully well and important women from the east takes cooking. My little daughter of 3 years can handle the assignment of teaching her to Ofe Ogbono, Ofe Eggusi, Ofe Achara just to mention this few.


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