Why Marilyn Ogar, 14 Other DSS Officers Were Fired

Marilyn-OgarThe Department of State Services has compulsorily retired two directors and 13 other senior officials.

A signal from the leadership of the service issued on Wednesday night, listed the former spokesperson for the service, Marilyn Ogar, a deputy director, as one of those affected.

Ogar’s predicament was traced to allegations of bribery and professional misconducts leveled against her, chief among them her partisan role in the build up to 2015 general elections.

She was also alleged to have received as “settlement”, several trucks of DPK (Dual Purpose Kerosene), in flagrant abuse of due process and ethics of her profession.

Although no official statement has been issued by the Service regarding the compulsory retirement of Mrs. Ogar and others officials, sources in the security circles confirmed that she was retired yesterday – seven years before she was due for retirement.

It was gathered that the new Director General of the DSS, Lawal Daura, set up a panel headed by a retired director of training to investigate the allegations against Ogar and other staff of the agency.

Mrs. Ogar, it was further learnt, was found guilty of the corruption allegation against her as well as for playing partisan role that ridiculed the agency in the eyes of the Nigerian public.

The panel, therefore, recommended that she be compulsorily retired, alongside others also found guilty for professional misconducts during the last administration.

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