Why Nigerians Should Overlook Buhari’s ‘Lopsided’ Appointments – Igbokwe

publicity-secretary-action-congress-of-nigeria-lagos-state-chapter-mr-joe-igbokwe-360x225The All Progressives Congress in Lagos State has urged Nigerians to overlook the lopsidedness of the appointments so far made by President Muhammadu Buhari, which “favours the North where he hails from”.

According to the party, Nigeria is in an unusual situation, which demands unusual solution.

“We have to do the unthinkable, we have to change the rules, we have to do things differently, think differently and reason differently”, the party’s publicity secretary, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, said in an article on Friday titled, ‘Support President Buhari to Rebuild Nigeria’.

The Lagos APC spokesman urged Nigerians to be patient with Buhari, saying until he finishes with all the appointments and if any section of the country feels marginalised, they can now protest.

Igbokwe said, “Given the situation in Nigeria today, I make bold to say that if President Buhari can find the first eleven from Benue State or Ebonyi State, he should use them to rebuild Nigeria. This approach appears to be too radical and provocative, but please think about it, think about Nigeria, and think about 16years of PDP in Nigeria.

“Former President Obasanjo ruled Nigeria for eight years and yet there was nothing too spectacular to point to in the South-West as landmark achievement. Chief Pius Anyim from the South-East and Ebonyi State has been the Senate President and Secretary to the Federal Government and yet the second Niger Bridge was not built, Enugu-Onitsha expressway was not rebuilt, Enugu-PortHarcourt expressway was not rebuilt and no serious federal presence was felt anywhere in the South East.

“Again what did former President (Goodluck) Jonathan do in the South-South of Bayelsa, Rivers and others? What did IBB do in Minna? What did Abacha do in Kano? What did Yar’Adua do in Katsina? What did Shagari do in Sokoto? What did Gowon do in Jos? When Chief Alex Ekwueme was the Vice President, was the River Niger dredged? When Chuba Okadigbo, Evans Enwerem and Wabara were the Senate Presidents, what did they do in the South East?”

He added that unless some people were still deceiving themselves, the Peoples Democratic Party “ruined and decimated Nigeria” in the past 16 years.

He said he was convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the president meant well for Nigeria, adding that Buhari had shown through his actions since May 29, 2015 that he had an idea of how to get Nigeria out of trouble.

Igbokwe said, “He (Buhari) needs all the support because corruption is fighting back ferociously. Corruption, like a raging fire, is spreading its tentacles everywhere, fighting to stay on. Let us support this President to break the backbones of corruption in Nigeria and fight it to surrender. If he succeeds and I am sure he will, Nigeria gains and all of us will gain also”.


  1. Igbokwe, what did you do for the igbo’s in Lagos? How can you convince Nigerian’s that the competent and corrupt free Nigerians are from the North and Non is from the south. 16 years of PDP Government was it only the southern that were in that Government.


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