Woman Tells People’s Future Just By Fondling Their Backsides


A woman became famous for predicting people’s futures by touching their behinds.  Bibian Arango of Peru, sees many people each week, in her office in Lima. Her office consist of a small room packed with statues of Catholic Saints, magic potions and a mural of a Hindu God.

Scoop reports that Arango has also been on several television shows and the videos of her appearances were uploaded to the Internet.

The videos show Arango fondling the behinds of willing participants as she predicts their futures.  According to Arango, there are 4 main types of backsides, which includes the inverted heart, square, V-shaped and round.

Arango said that each type reveals clues about someone’s personality. Those with a round backside tend to be optimistic, but emotionally insecure, while those with square ones are determined individuals who care little about what others think of them, she said.


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