Woman who fell off a skyscraper to get reconstructive surgery using skull preserved in her stomach

25yr old Rose Mbula left Kenya in November 2014 for India in search of greener pasture before she mysteriously went off the radar only for her mother to get a call from the Kenya High Commission in India who told her that Rose fell off a skyscraper and shattered her skull.


She went into surgery immediately to stop the bleeding but the skull had to be preserved in her stomach for future retrieval. According to Rose Mbula’s aunt, Florence Ndolo, the family requires Sh1 Million to retrieve part of her skull from her stomach in order for a reconstructive surgery to be conducted. The Commission could only cater for the emergency surgery cost and not the operation that would follow because apparently Ms Mbula had not registered with them upon moving to India.

“Rose lost her memory in the incident and we hope that we will raise enough money to cater for her therapy. So far we have managed to get Sh143,000 and we hope to achieve the Sh1M goal.” said the aunt told Kenya.co

Source: Kenya.co

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