2-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Stealing And Trespassing


Police in India, arrested a little boy after a community filed a complaint about theft and trespassing.

Uttar Pradesh police have been criticized for arresting the 2-year-old boy who was identified as Ravi. His named appeared in an arrest warrant along with three other adults, one of whom was Ravi’s relative. Police came to the child’s home on Tuesday, and told the father that Ravi had been charged with trespassing and theft.

According to Scoop, the child was not home at the time. Later that day, the father took Ravi to the Uttar Pradesh District Court, and explained to senior police officers that his child was only 2 years old and could not have committed the crimes he was charged with.

Police agreed, and Ravi’s name was withdrawn from the complaint. The four suspects were accused of theft, trespassing at night and dishonestly receiving stolen property. The three adults have been arrested and charged. A child under 7 years old cannot be charged with a crime.

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