Airplane Passenger Nearly Opens Emergency Exit Door After Mistaking It For Toilet


An airline passenger was arrested on a charge of unruly behavior after trying to open the emergency exit door, which he mistook for a toilet, police in the Netherlands said. Now, James Gray of Edinburgh, Scotland, has been ordered to pay a $650 fine and he was banned from flying on KLM airplanes for 5 years. Scoop has more:

The incident unfolded as Gray was on a flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam. Shortly after the plane landed at Schiphol Airport, Gray was arrested and held overnight at a detention center. Gray said that he mistook the emergency door for the toilet as the airplane was 30,000 feet in the air.

Flight attendants ordered him to stay in his seat, and he was notified that he was going to be arrested when the plane arrives at the destination.  He tried to explain that it was a simple mistake, but they rejected his pleas. He was released in the morning after paying the $650 fine.

When Gray wanted to board a flight back to Edinburgh with KLM, he was denied access as the five-year ban was effective immediately.  Gray and flew back to Scotland on another airline.

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