Checkout The Igbo Village In The United States Of America [Photos]

There is an amazing-looking Igbo village located in Staunton, Virginia, USA. The Washington DC chapter of Anambra state association USA constructed the village to preserve the Igbos’ heritage.

Basil Okafor, one of the organizers of the village said the State of Virginia and US government recognize the Igbos as one of the early slaves who settled in Virginia.

The Igbo farm village as it is called, was built with mud which makes it a typical African home in America.

Okafor said: “We are built ulo aja in America in the way it used to be in Igbo land to show our children here our cultural heritage.”

“In due time , we will not see these kind of houses in Igbo land but you have to travel to United States to see our mud houses.

The photos below show activities at the village, how some Igbo cultural festivals are celebrated there.

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Africans were brought to colonial America to serve as enslaved agricultural workers during the 1600s and 1700s.

About 250,000 domestic servants, and artisans were used as slaves there, within the era.

A large number of Africans lived in all of Great Britain’s North American colonies, however, they had the largest population within South Carolina and Virginia.

Source: Naij


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