Ambode To Purchase Three Helicopters To Solve Traffic Problem And Crime In Lagos

Lagos traffic

Since Akinwunmi Ambode became governor of Lagos State, the traffic situation has worsened and the crime rate higher. Now settled in, with a cabinet to help, the governor has moved to tackle the two challenges.

According to him, the Lagos State government will buy three helicopters in November.

Speaking on Soni Irabor Live (SIL) on Inspiration FM, the governor said he was concerned about the robberies in the state. In view of this, the government will boost the operations of the marine police and Navy on the waterways.

He pleaded with Lagosians to support him to take Lagos to develop the state further.

“We are in this together. It is your government; you put me there; I’m your servant and I’m ready for criticism.

“I’m listening and I believe strongly that you have a say in this government because it is an inclusive government. No matter where you come from, no matter your creed or colour, this is your government.

“I appeal that Lagosians should join hands with me; tolerate whatever it is that you are seeing and make sure that you also carry out your civic obligations.

“Pay your taxes because it is the only way that Lagos can grow and you know, the bottom line is this, we need to work together to achieve a safer Lagos; a cleaner Lagos; and a more prosperous Lagos and that is what we are going to do,” he said.

The governor also assured that a flyover bridge would soon be built at the Ajah Roundabout, and that the Lagos State Public Works Corporation had been mandated to fix potholes in the state.

Ambode also clarified his directive to officials of the State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), saying the not-to-impound vehicles order was aimed at bringing civility to their operations not to stop them from enforcing traffic laws.


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