APC Condoles With Borno, Adawama States Over Deadly Boko Haram Attacks

Lai Mohammed-APCThe All Progressives Congress (APC) has commiserated with the government and people of Borno and Adamawa States over the deadly attacks that left many dead and injured in the two states on Friday.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the governing party said while even the loss of one life is too much to bear, the government and people of the states should take solace in the fact that the attacks will not endure, because of the stepped up campaign by the nation’s gallant soldiers.

“The spike in the attacks in recent times is a direct reflection of the huge successes by the military in flushing the Boko Haram terrorists out of their strongholds and putting them on the run. With no fortress to call their own any more, having being smoked out of Sambisa Forest and removed from their ‘caliphates’, they have resorted to these cowardly attacks aimed at soft targets.

“But grim as the situation may seem at the moment, these cowardly attacks will taper off sooner than later, because suicide bombings are not sustainable, and because of the unrelenting campaign by our military”, it said.

The party said having realized that it is doomed, Boko Haram has now dispersed into the population, hence the need for all citizens, especially in the worst-hit areas, to be extra vigilant.

”It used to be that Boko Haram terrorists will easily slip across the border to neighbouring countries after carrying out deadly and spectacular attacks in Nigeria. Now, they have not only lost their ability to carry out spectacular attacks, they are also unable to slip across the border, after being increasingly hemmed in by regional forces. Their days are numbered. Boko Haram is domed”, the party said.


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