Architectural Engineering Internship at Sustainable Systems Optimization and Deployment Company Limited

Sustainable Systems Optimization and Deployment Company Limited is a subsidiary of Vicolan Appropriate Technologies Limited; a start up company operating in the fields of renewable energy systems optimization and deployment, green buildings, smart home automation on LTE networks, real estate development and mortgage financing and the overall supply chain management and forward and reverse logistics operations for energy star appliances and renewable energy equipment and system components deployed in residential and commercial buildings.


Job description

Climatic building design and sustainability optimization up to the appropriate deployment of renewable energy technologies and water efficiency systems:

  1. Research, Modeling, Computer Simulation, Design, Development, Optimization, Empirical Validation and Commercial Viability Demonstration of LEED Platinum-rated Green Residential and Commercial Buildings in Tropical Composite, Tropical Upland and Tropical Warm and Humid Climates. Focus will be on meeting the key LEED checklist for green buildings in the following order of priorities: (a) Energy and atmosphere (with priority focus on passive solar design, daylighting, selection of energy star appliances, and use of off-grid renewable energy systems, both electric and thermal), (b) Sustainable site development, (c) Indoor environmental quality, (d) Water efficiency (with optimized rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling), (e) Use of local, recycled and non-toxic materials, (f) Innovation in design, (g) Regional priority
  2. Empirical validation of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and ultimately the commercial promotion and deployment of LPG-driven ECO G VRF Air-Conditioning Systems and other CHP Technologies in Residential and Commercial Buildings.
  3. Empirical validation of the end-use methodologies and distributed renewable energy concepts for the optimization of climate-adaptive, sustainable and cost efficient net-zero energy solutions for tropical buildings
  4. Requirements discovery, specifications and documentation, including requirements details and system constraints, using approved national building codes, international standards and appropriate regulatory and environmental guidelines
  5. Requirements analysis, system modeling and overall system architectural design and integration, including project management for residential and commercial sustainable building project.


  • B.Sc./B.Arch in Architectural Engineering or Architecture with a GPA of at least 4.0/5.0 or equivalent classifications like First Class or Second Class Upper
  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
  • Verifiable excellent academic grades in the following courses: Buildings, Climate and Energy, Climatology I & II, Advanced Building Science, Building services I, II and III, Building Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technology and Economics, Life Cycle Costing or Engineering Economy Studies
  • Expertise in the use of AUTOCAD, MS Project, and MS Office
  • Successful completion of the NYSC within the last two years
  • PLEASE DO NOT apply if you do not have the M.Arch (or MED) degree in addition to the specified bachelor’s degree.  This is not just about the renewable energy systems; you MUST be professionally qualified to design the buildings in which the renewable systems are to be deployed.


Compensation during Internship:

  • N100K per month during the 2-year internship. May lead to full professional level employment after the internship based on job performance
  • Plus 50% of net profits made from all revenue streams resulting from the commercial outputs of the intern’s activities during the internship

Job Location:

  • Abuja (FCT) Or Ogbomoso (Oyo State)


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