Army To Arrest Ex-Boys Of Military Schools, Others Wearing Military Uniforms


The Nigerian Army has banned the wearing of unauthorized Army uniforms, accoutrement and kits by former students aka Ex-Boys of the Nigerian Military School Zaria in civil institutions.

The illegal practice of wearing Nigerian Army uniforms and kits by Ex-Boys apart from obvious security implications, impacts negatively on the image of Nigerian Army.

A statement signed by the Acting Director of Army Public Relations, Col Sani Kukasheka Usman yesterday, says, “It is pertinent to reiterate that wearing of military uniforms or kits on campus by anyone is absolutely unlawful” adding “More worrisome, is the fact that most of the offenders are ex-students who have deserted the Army, and are not legally entitled to have military uniforms or items within their possessions”.

The statement reminded those affected that “the Ex-Boys who left Nigerian Military School from 2012 when the school ceased to be a military institution, are expected to surrender their military uniforms and kits after graduation”.

The Army noted “that illegal possession of military accoutrement is punishable under sections 109,110 and 251 of Nigerian Criminal Code”.

Col. Usman said the Army is working with other security agencies to apprehend defaulters/impostors in all civil institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.

“The security departments of civil institutions and the general public are also requested to report suspected impostors to nearest Nigerian Army formations or Security Agencies”, the acting spokesman said.