Buhari Releases Anniversary Pigeons, Cuts Cake [PICTURED]


President Muhammadu Buhari has released the 55th anniversary pigeons, he is going to cut the anniversary cake at the ongoing celebration of Nigeria’s independence toady in Abuja.
The 55th Independent cake of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Source: NG reports


  • Remix National Anthem

    Arise oh Come n Chop
    Nigeria soup too sweet
    As u Chop, get set to work
    In Sun, in Rain, No Pay
    This thing no carry am for head.
    Nigeria no send u!
    So do wetin u fit!
    No carry am for head…
    Na ur papa stuff…

    Try sing am… u go love am die…. lol
    Remix National Pledge

    I pledge to Nigeria my Country
    I fit b Faithful,
    And Honest.
    But to serve Nigeria
    Is it by force?
    To defend which Unity?
    And Uphold which Honour?
    Where d Glory?

    Abeg complete am joor
    I still dey vex…
    Abeg where I fit get Iraq Visa?
    I need change citizenship asap

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